Rubber Spacers and Stripper Rings

Artus Corp.’s rubber spacers and stripper rings are manufactured for stability and precision tolerances from synthetic rubber, generally Buna-N, to prevent metal strips from scratching or marring during cutting or trimming applications. They are available in a wide range of durometers and color options.

We can also provide you with custom slitter knives and a wide variety of slitting tools and supplies. Please see the links below for more information.

Artus Corp. offers a full line of quality Slitter Tooling and Supplies that includes color-coded slitter shims, slitter knives and spacers, overarm tooling, synthetic rubber stripper rings, and polypropylene tape.

For personalized care, call (201) 568-1000 to speak with us about your specific applications.

Technical Assistance, Fast Quote

Just send us your specs or call us at (201) 568-1000 to speak with our experienced technical staff about your rubber spacer and stripper ring applications and requirements. Once we have the outer diameter (OD) of your metal spacers and knives, the required thickness and quantity of rubber spacers, and the type and thickness of the metal to be slit, we can provide you with a fast, comprehensive quote and get started as soon as you’d like.

Contact Artus using our convenient online form or call (201) 568-1000 for slitter tooling products and services.

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For Rubber Spacers and Stripper Rings

Easy Set-Up:
Slipping easily and permanently over the metal spacers during set-up, Artus’s rubber spacers and stripper rings require no additional set-up time, making it easy for you to maintain your production schedule.

Low Cost:
Passing the savings on to you to keep your costs down, Artus’s synthetic rubber spacers and stripper rings do not require expensive molds. They can be made from 1/8″ thick and up, allowing for permanent installation on all your spacers. When new rings are required, the old ones can be removed easily without grinding or the need for solvents.

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