Polypropylene Tape

Artus polypropylene tape for slitter tooling applications provides necessary adhesion when tabbing the ends of slit coils prior to push off. Also used for taping the perimeter of slitter knives to prevent marking of the strip, Artus’s non-filament polypropylene tape offers superior adhesion while leaving no residue or stain when removed from the slit metal or slitter knives.

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Available in 60 yard rolls in four widths from 3/8 " to 2 ", you can also choose from two adhesive/tensile strength options to meet your specific adhesive power requirements. (See chart below.)

Artus Corp. offers a full line of quality Slitter Tooling and Supplies that includes color-coded slitter shims, slitter knives and spacers, overarm tooling, synthetic rubber stripper rings, and polypropylene tape.

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For Polypropylene Tape

Color Tensile Strength Adhesive Power Standard Widths
(192 Rolls/cs)
(96 Rolls/cs)
(72 Rolls/cs)
(36 Rolls/cs)
Ivory 190 lbs./in. 46 oz./in. I 375 I 750 I 1000 I 2000
Yellow 240 lbs./in. 31 oz./in. N/A Y 750 Y 1000 Y 2000

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