Overarm Tooling

Artus Corp.’s Overarm Tooling provides you with precision manufactured 3S overarm separator spacers and steel separator discs that ensure outstanding product performance, quality, and durability for your metal cutting and trimming applications.

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Artus Corp. offers a full line of quality Slitter Tooling and Supplies that includes color-coded slitter shims, slitter knives and spacers, overarm tooling, synthetic rubber stripper rings, and polypropylene tape.

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3S Overarm Separator Spacers

Made to withstand the toughest wear over time, Artus Corp.’s 3S overarm separator spacers are designed to protect metal strips from scratching and marring during take-up. This is of particular importance when working with materials that have a bright finish. 3S overarm separator spacers are available in linen or canvas grade phenolic, as well as nylon in a variety of color options. As with all our products, you’ll enjoy their low cost and how easy it is use them!

Steel Separator Discs

Artus Corp.’s steel separator discs are precision manufactured to your exacting specifications, including taper (double/single) and thickness. Made from the finest steel to a maximum hardness of 58/60 Rockwell “C “, steel separator discs from Artus guarantee you long-lasting, dependable performance at competitive prices.

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