Brass Shim Stock

Artus Corp. offers the highest quality brass shim stock that is long-wearing, easy-to-cut, and safer to handle because it is produced in flat, 8×12 inch sheets that don’t dangerously uncurl as roll shim stock does.

For personalized customer service, call (201) 568-1000 or fill in the form to the right and a representative will contact you.

Convenient Ordering Options:

  • Offering economy (less waste in cutting) and easy, space-saving storage, Artus Brass Shim Stock may be ordered in Single Thickness Packages or in Assortment Packages (see size chart).
  • Assortment Packages are stocked in Standard Sheet Size of 8×12 inches; 10 sheets from .001-.020 inches
  • Single Thickness Packages: 10 sheets of any one thickness from .001-.020 inches in standard sheet size of 8×12 inches
  • Specifications: 70/30 B36 Cartridge Brass

Need help deciding? Give us a call (201) 568-1000.

If you require manufacturing services for standard or custom products, we will use existing tooling or make a tool that will produce shims to the specifications dictated by you. We are able to maintain precise tolerances in both thickness and plan dimensions and can build any shape you design. Please contact us directly for a quote for your specific needs.

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For Brass Shim Stock

Call The Artus Corp. at (201) 568-1000 for shim stock products in color coded aluminum, and color coded plastic brass, stainless steel, low carbon steel. Or contact Artus using our convenient online form.

Thickness In Inches
0.001 0.005 0.015
0.002 0.0075 0.020
0.003 0.010 0.030
0.004 0.0125  
Standard Brass Sheet Sizes (in) – 8×12, 24×36
We can also cut sheets to custom sizes, up to 24×36 inches

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